About Project Home

Project Home started as a direct selling company in 2002. We started and remained Tomboy Tools for the first 12 years. Our mission has been: To build confidence and empower women through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity.

Our mission is not changing, but expanding. We know that everyone has a close emotional connection with their home. Whether that is with safety and security of you and your family, beautifying your home inside and out or maintaining and fixing a necessary area to create the environment you desire.

We are expanding with new products that encompass the entire home. Tomboy Tools becomes a product line, while Project Home becomes the company name.

This offers more opportunities for our sales consultants and customers. We are broadening our product line beyond tools and offering products to keep your home safe, secure, beautiful and maintained.

Co-founders Mary Tatum and Janet Rickstrew are excited about the expansion and the opportunities that lie ahead.

For more information, contact your local Project Home Consultant or contact the corporate office at 866.260.1893.